Saturday, October 6, 2012

Leaving Summer Behind - La Paz Temperatures Dropping

After two months of rain and even two earthquakes all with intense heat of up to 105F/40C it has been a long summer.

Not to worry though the summer is ending, and as we enter October the temperatures have started to drop and the breeze has started to pick up nicely.

By the start of next week it is forecast to be a nice 86F/30C which is very near to my perfect daytime peak temperature.

It means the nights will be a cool 68F/20C and we will begin to start turning off the air-conditioning and just sticking to the ceiling fans.

Air temperatures in La Paz do not fluctuate all that much between the summer and winter, with only a difference of approx. 10C between them.  This being said there are peaks and troughs within these averages as with any area of the world making the true variation slightly higher.

The busiest months from a tourism perspective are the cooler months, typically October to May with the busiest months being those in the middle such as December to February when temperatures are even lower.

Personally I rather enjoy vacation time in the summer in La Paz as the Ocean is fantastically warm and the rains make everything beautiful and green.  Many of the snowbirds that I know personally actually aren't that adverse to visiting La Paz in the summer, it is simply that their own homes are in peak condition in the summer months and therefore they like migrate back and forth through the seasons to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Let me know by commenting what your favourite time of the year is.

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  1. I think the winter time is the only time I could visit La Paz, since I can't really handle constant scorching temperatures.