Saturday, September 15, 2012

Night at Steinbeck's - CostaBaja

On Friday evening we took a trip to Steinbeck's Restaurant nestled amongst CostaBaja's 5* Hotel and their premium 250 slip Marina.

Engel Rios (Sommelier) and Alejandro Villagómes (Chef)
Steinbeck's is an open air restaurant with a team of fantastic chefs and cooks headed by Alejandro Villagómes under the watchful eye of sommelier and restaurant manager Engel Rios.

We parked in the hotel car park and walked up to the hotel and down its steps to the restaurant, as we were a little early for our reservation. They also offer a valet service from the hotel reception for those of you wearing in heels.

The restaurant is located down the ramp to the left of the hotel swimming pool, overlooking the Marina. You can also enter from the street level below if you happen to be staying in a villa or condominium in CostaBaja.

We chose Steinbeck's as we wanted to try their new taster menu which comprises of 6 mini courses each paired with a fantastic wine.

Those of you who know Dianne and I will know that we aren't winies, but that may just be because we know little about it, and therefore selections with food have not been correct.

Our wine taste buds were welcomed into the restaurant with a fantastic sangria. This was my first sangria and I was very pleasantly surprised, and it certainly opened me up to trying and enjoying the following 6 wines.

I knew that white wines wouldn't be a problem as I typically enjoy these with and without food however red wine is certainly not a usual buy for me, and wow was I surprised how well it complemented the New York Steak.

Course 1: Ceviche 
After the Sangria we were each given a porcelain spoon filled with a slightly spicy yet sweet fresh ceviche. With a blend of Tamarind and Wild Plum as well as fresh local fish this really got our taste buds going.

Shortly after our ceviche arrived a warm basket of fresh homemade breads, with a favourite of mine which I haven't had since I left England, Malt bread. For those of you who haven't tried a Malt bread, it is a sweet and moist bread with a scattering of raisins inside. The breads were accompanied by a lemon and pepper butter which really added some zing to the breads.

The breads were a tasty accompaniment to the ceviche as well as the following few courses.

Course 2: Beatroot (Beat) and Blue Cheese 
Bread Selection
Following our ceviche came a roast beat and beat infusion dish with blue cheese and caramelized walnut. The sweetness of the beats blended wonderfully with the creamy and salty blue cheese

If you are wondering why there isn't a photo of every dish, it is because according to Dianne I eat too quick and jump into eating each course too quickly. What can I say, when there is a tasty hot meal in front of me my first instinct is to eat it not take a photo.

Course 3: Crab Cake
Crab Cake
My favourite dish of the night was the Crab Cake served on a bed of Jicama and Mango. Jicama recently became my favourite new food. It is a great "fruit" or vegetable technically that originates from Mexico and has a consistency similar to uncooked potato but tastes fantastic raw with a little lime or in this case mango.

The crab cake itself was also beautifully crispy and crabby. The presentation of this plate was also superb, it looked fantastic and then the tastes backed this up.

Course 4: Clam Soup 
Clam Soup
Dianne's favourite was up next, a beautifully creamy clam soup with sautéed potatoes. The soup was accompanied by a nice rose pairing wine and it was a great choice by Engel.

Course 5: New York Steak
Our meat course was comprised of a mini New York Steak with a creamy Potato Cake all topped with a delicious wild mushroom sauce.

Course 6: Deconstructed Sponge Cake
Deconstructed Sponge Cake
To finish the evening we were presented with a Deconstructed Sponge Cake. The sponge was very light and fluffy with an icecream and a froffy whipped cream alongside.

A glass of rich and creamy Tequila Cream 1921 was served with the dessert. It was described as Mexican Baileys however I much preferred this tequila variation as it was so smooth and was a fantastic end to a great evening.

All in all we had a great evening at CostaBaja's Steinbeck's Restaurant and we will certainly be returning in the future with more friends next time.

I recommend reserving a table around 8 or 9pm as this is an open air restaurant the nice cooling breezes from the Marina and the Ocean at night help to create the atmosphere in the late evening.

If you have any restaurant recommendations for our next restaurant visit and blog post then please let us know.

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