Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Virtual Walking Tour of La Paz

I took it upon myself to create a virtual walking tour of downtown La Paz.

The majority of the streets in La Paz are grid like in nature however the oldest area of town, the El Centro (or Downtown) area is not grid like, and has many different callejons (or small streets) within it, often occupied by small markets of sidewalk cafes and restaurants.

I hope that my tour brings out the best of these in a slightly artistic fashion.

 My vision is that these streets will one day be beautifully finished in all areas however my tour aims to take people on the sidewalks with the best finish and the most interesting sights, as well as some useful places such as department stores, the pharmacy and the banks.

I would love to hear what you think about my newest project and please by all means use it when promoting La Paz and places to stop and visit. 

Guide to the Virtual Tour

"Start at the Malecon Kiosk, walk up 16 de Septiembre (Bank Street), turn right at the end of the banks to make your way up to Dax the pharmacy.
Turn right to follow the road down past La Perla department store until you reach Santander and Banamex. Turn left here to see the La Concha Mujeres (Shell Ladies) where you can cut through back to the Malecon.
We can now see the Lighthouse and Illusion Port of La Paz and the fantastic malecon Mural. We then turn right to walk along the Malecon and back up to Santander.
Next we make a left and walk along past Callejon La Paz (The street with the bars and restaurants and Hotel Playa Real). We follow this road along back to where we started at the Malecon Kiosk here in La Paz, Baja Califorina Sur, Mexico."

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