Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Guide to Visiting Todos Santos

Todos Santos is a Magic Town.  This is a classification given to towns of cultural and historical importance here in Mexico, of which Todos Santos was the first in Baja California Sur.

With a large number of art galleries, artists boutiques, and quaint cobble streets, it is no surprise that Todos Santos earned this award.

The following guide will ensure when you visit the town you make the most of your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What time of year is best to visit? - This is not too important, particularly as temperatures are a few degrees cooler in Todos Santos, making it pleasant all year around.

What day of the week is best to visit? - I prefer week days and Saturdays. However try to avoid Sunday if you want to visit the art galleries as the majority are closed.

What if I don't speak Spanish? - Todos Santos is set up very well for tourists and as such the majority of business owners and waiters speak a good quality of English.

Great Photo Opportunities
Which parts should I visit? - Good question.  This fantastic map below produced by Got Baja Maps, a local company who make fantastic paper maps for tourist, helps highlight the important places to see.

My preference is to stick to the light blue colored streets as these are the picturesque streets which make great photos.  Then the main "strip" is just below this where tourist sights such as Hotel California and the souvenir stores are located.

Honestly this is the area of Todos Santos I dislike the most as it is too touristy for me, however many people love it.

Picturesque Streets
Next you can follow their route on the map to visit the different art galleries.

Having walked this full route myself I would advise missing off the furthest gallery, N.E. Hayles as it is a pretty long walk, particularly during the hottest months, however if you have a car, then it is an easy trip.

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Check out the full map at: Got Baja's Todos Santos Map

Where should we eat? - Todos Santos has a number of great restaurants.  We like to eat at one of the restaurants in the cobble street section (light blue streets on the map above).  There are a number of great choices, from Italian, French, Mexican and even a great Chinese dumpling place, all within a few blocks of each other.

Is the Hotel California from the Eagles song? - Unfortunately, and in contrast to popular belief, it is not related at all to the Eagles song, although it is nice to pretend that it is.

The Hotel has undoubtedly benefited from the rumors and is set up almost like a Las Vegas hotel, with souvenir store selling branded shirts and other curiosities.

I personally didn't enjoy the Hotel, particularly after I found out there was no connection, however as I say many times, each to their own.

Should we visit the beach? - We like to take a trip to the beach as it is different from the La Paz beaches, with its big crashing waves.  They are generally quiet and therefore make for great photo opportunities, however they can be tricky to get to.

Please do not swim at these beaches however as the waves and undercurrents make it very dangerous.

The best route is behind the cobbled street section.  We tried through the hills one time and will never try that route again (tight, winding roads, 4x4 only).

With the above guide I am sure you will have a great trip to Todos Santos

Please have a great trip to Todos Santos and don't forget to tell me all about it!

If you would like to recommend another place to visit whilst staying in La Paz, BCS, Mexico then please let me know with a comment below.

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