Friday, August 31, 2012

Cleaning Your Car - La Paz Car Washes

After a week of rain my car was looking a little bit dirty, to say the least.

Normally I wash my car myself however I was pushed for time and didn't feel like changing out of my work clothes and washing my car in the 40C sun.
I decided to try a relatively new car wash called Quick Wash.  It is located on the Malecon road, Abasolo, just after the Malecon ends when heading towards the airport, and it is on the left side of the street with the ocean on the right.

The car wash has a number of basic options, all of which include the car being washed by the automatic car wash system as well as touch ups by hand to make sure it comes out looking like new.

I am cheap so I chose to go with the basic option at first, which cost only $60 pesos ($4.50 US).  This option doesn't include any wax etc, however I was pleasantly surprised at how shinny it came out only 5 minutes later.

Whilst you wait they have a really nice seating area with a little coffee store.  This wasn't too much use for us as we were only there 5 minutes however as their full service includes vacuuming, waxing and a chassis clean.

All in all the service was great, and it was really easy to simply drive up, pay, have a coffee and drive off with a shinny new looking car.

Interesting Legal Tip:
If you plan on washing your car at home then bear in mind that it is actually illegal to wash your car using a hose.  This is designed to save on water.  Certain businesses have authorization to use hoses to clean however if you are seen washing your car then you might get a telling off, although it is unlikely, best to stick on the right side of the law.

Check out more information and contact details for Quick Wash La Paz at their Facebook page: Quick Wash Car Wash Facebook Page

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