Friday, July 20, 2012

Where is the Amistad Real Estate Office?

Our Office is located on the La Paz Malecon.  This is the road/boardwalk on the Ocean front.

Once you reach the Malecon, with the ocean on your left hand side continue to drive for approx. 5 minutes with traffic, 2 minutes without heading away from the airport.

Nuevo Pekin Hotel, La Paz Malecon
Distinctly Chinese looking building
You will then see a large hotel named Nuevo Pekin.  This is a good reference point to ask for directions should you get lost, as it has been in La Paz for a very long time.

This marks the start of our block, with our offices being located right in the middle.  We have a large billboard style sign which marks the end of our offices, we are the pretty green gate in the center of the long blue wall.

Simply open the gate and walk up to the back of the garden behind the palapa, and our office is straight ahead of you.

We have an unusual office in that it is in the ground of a beautiful garden, however it makes the perfect spot to work from and to entertain our guests.

Amistad Real Estate Offices
Our little piece of heaven.  Taken from my office front door.

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