Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Living in La Paz and Living The Peace

La Paz directly translates to "The Peace".  It also happens to be the name of the beautiful city that I, Simon Loftus, am living in with my fantastic wife, Dianne Loftus.

We moved to La Paz in 2011 and do not regret it one single bit.

Everyone moves to La Paz for different reasons.  We came for a relaxed working lifestyle to give us more time to spend together in a climate that gives us many more enjoyable days than I was used to in England.

My friend Susan Fogel at Mexico Musings says that she came to La Paz to retire in the peace and quiet.  She is a really hard worker and the retirement thing didn't go too well as she enjoys working and keeping busy but she loves how different La Paz is from the rest of the world, and living on the ocean front in a great area of La Paz known as El Comitan, who can blame her!

Another friend of mine Anabelle Rossell who blogs for Pedregal La Paz came to La Paz with her family and loves the people and the lifestyle here.  With lots of fantastic restaurants all close by and amazing people, who can blame her!

My point is, whatever your reason, if you are planning to relocate, check out La Paz as you may have just stumbled onto our hidden little gem, like we all did!

When we arrived we established a Real Estate and Rental business to help people following in our footsteps to relocate, or just vacation, to La Paz, BCS, Mexico.

I am writing this blog to complement our welcome services for anyone wishing to visit or move to our wonderful home.

Please find more information about our business at: Amistad Real Estate, La Paz

Simon and Dianne Gaytan Loftus, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Dianne and I in 2012 on a beach near Todos Santos

Amistad Real Estate Offices, La Paz, BCS, Mexico
Our Offices on the La Paz Malecon, overlooking the Ocean