Friday, July 20, 2012

Cinemas in La Paz

We all enjoy a good movie from time to time, even during a vacation.  You can give the kids some popcorn and a soda and know you can enjoy 2 hours of peace whilst watching something entertaining.

Personally I love a quiet cinema.  I hate nothing more than a room full of 200 noisy people crunching away on nachos whilst I am trying to watch a movie I have been really hyping myself up for.

Until 2011 La Paz only had one cinema, which was the Cinepolis Cinema by City Club and Soriana.

However in 2011 3 new cinemas were built (don't ask me why, I guess there was clearly pent up demand).

Cinemex - Mega Commercial

This cinema is the closest to town of the 4 cinemas now in La Paz and is right on the Malecon road as you head to the airport.  It is a brand new multiscreen cinema with a standard and a VIP section.  It is also in a handy location next to my favourite supermarket, Mega Commercial.

Before these cinemas were completed I took a trip to Guadalajara and experienced the best cinema visit in my life, a VIP cinema or Platino as they call it.  This was a first for me.  In England we have cinemas which are all of a reasonable quality and typically cost $15US for a showing plus snacks etc.

The VIP cinema in Guadalajara was less than half this price and wow was it something special, reclining leather sofa seats, waiter service, huge amounts of leg room and a great bar!

I didn't expect to ever get to go to a cinema like this again, until lo and behold they started to build one here in La Paz.

For $80 Pesos (about $6.50US) you get to experience watching a movie in true VIP style.

My only issue is that the quality of the screens are not the same quality as the rest of the experience.  They are new, good quality projectors, but this does not compare to the top of the line digital screens elsewhere in the world, however the experience makes it my favourite place to watch any new movie.

Typically all movies in the VIP section are in English with Spanish subtitles, however any animated movie (Pixar, Disney etc) is in Spanish without subtitles as they are generally aimed for a younger audience and they tailor the jokes for the Mexican audience as the same jokes in English do not translate as you may expect.

Great seats!

Cinepolis and Mi Cine La Paz

The next new cinema is Cinepolis The Shoppes.  Cinepolis actually created two separate cinemas only a few hundred meters away, however in separate shopping malls.  It beggars belief why they would do this however they still seem to both be pretty busy when I go, so I am sure they had a reason.

Cinepolis in The Shoppes (the mall with Liverpool) is a standard quality new cinema however all screens are digital screens.  They are not the super quality screens that other parts of the world have however they are certainly a large step up from the standard projector screens.

I choose the Cinemax as my favourite due to the peace and quiet and comfort whilst watching a movie, which unfortunately this Cinepolis can't match, even if the tickets are half the price of the VIP cinema.

That being said it is in a great location, particularly if you have been shopping all morning with the kids and want somewhere where they wont feel out of place.

Certain movies in Cinepolis are shown in their Macro XE screen which has slightly improved seating and improved screen quality and sound.  Worth going for this option if it is available as it certainly makes the movie more enjoyable.

The Mi Cine version of the cinema is designed to be a more economical cinema, however currently the ticket promotion at the standard Cinepolis means they are priced the same, however I am sure this will change once they have been open a little longer.  The Mi Cine is located a few hundred meters away in the mall next door.

Please let me know which you have found to be your favourite.

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