Thursday, July 19, 2012

Best La Paz Beaches

La Paz and Baja California Sur have some of the best beaches in the world; ranging from the large popular beaches to private beach coves only accessible by Kayak or Boat.  

My favourite two are as follows: 

Balandra Beach

Driving away from La Paz on the Costa Baja road will take you to a number of beaches.  Balandra is 14 miles along the road and provides you with 8 beautiful bays of calm turquoise waters.  Snorkelers, Kayakers and Sight seers flock to this beach all year around to see the Balandra Mushroom rock and its vast mangrove field.  The sand dunes here are perfect for camping and playing games.

I love to walk around to the right of the first bit of beach you meet near the carpark.  Follow the rocks around to the right and then you will find the beach opens up into a much larger section of beach with the Mushroom rock at the end.

This beach is especially nice as it is much quieter than other beaches in Mexico as it is difficult for people to bring ice chests and stereos etc and certainly not cars, meaning it stays much cleaner and quieter. 

El Tecolote Beach

This is the largest and quite possibly the most visited beach in La Paz, famous for its restaurants watersports and camping.  In the summer months residents of La Paz drive here after work to enjoy their evening on the beach and to socialize with friends.  This beach can be found by heading north along the Malecon road and continuing past Balandra beach.  It is the next beach along from Balandra at the top of the bay.

This beach is great for large groups wanting to have fun.  The beach is gigantic and has plenty of space for you to bring your car close to the sand and unload your ice chest for the day and set up "camp". There are restaurants serving food and drinks all day as well as some places to hire boat trips to Espiritu Santo and Jet Skis etc.

Please let me know your views on these beaches and if you have any different favourites.

Mr and Mrs Loftus (My Parents) on Balandra Beach, on a visit to La Paz

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