Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Activities in La Paz, BCS, Mexico

La Paz is a really beautiful place, particularly from an eco-tourism perspective.    We have pristine oceans and beaches full of life, from Sea Lions to Whales, from Sharks to Eagles, we have it all in Baja Sur and La Paz is the best point to act as base camp for your adventure.
Sea Lions Fishing
18 miles north of La Paz is the world re-known Espiritu Santo, one of the most visited islands in the Sea of Cortez.  The island of Espiritu Santo is surrounded by a group of smaller islands: El Gallo, La Gallina, Los Islotes, La Ballena and Isla Partida.  The diving in this spot is absolutely fantastic with many underwater caves and reefs, with one of the best spots located at San Radaelito where you can find a fabulous shallow reef.

There is also a large colony of Sea Lions in addition to all of the exotic fish and sea life that fill the waters.  Many people take boat trips to the island specifically to see the Sea Lions.

Find out about our trip to see the Sea Lions in our blog post all about the Espiritu Santo Island tour - Isla Espiritu Santo Tour

Grey Whales Playing
Two hours north of La Paz is the famous Magdalena Bay where each year between December and April hundreds of Grey Whales migrate in order to give birth in the warm and safe waters of Magdalena Bay. 

These whales, particularly the baby whales, are incredibly friendly and playful, allowing visitors to stroke them for upwards of 30 minutes if you are lucky.  This is a trip of a life time and well worth the trip!

Whale Sharks - La Paz Bay and Sea of Cortez

Whale Sharks Relaxing
Found in the fertile and calm waters of the Sea of Cortez, these fantastic creatures glide slowly through the waters feeding on millions of microscopic plankton.

Each year you can experience swimming with these miraculous fish, the biggest species of fish in the world, all within the Bay of La Paz!

Turtle Rescue and Releasing

On the west side of the peninsula you can have the opportunity to help save the environment whilst having a great evening out.  

Throughout the year you can help protect and release baby turtles at a beach near Todos Santos, La Paz, BCS, Mexico.

We work very closely with our friends and colleagues at Choya Tours here in La Paz, which is a small family business, to provide life changing trips to some of the most unique locations in the world, all a short trip from La Paz.

If you would like to swim with Sea Lions and Whale Sharks or stroke a giant Grey Whale then we are only a phone call or email away and can arrange the whole trip for you.

Typically a minimum group of 4 is required for each trip, however as we manage a number of properties we can book you with our other guests to make a larger party, saving you all time and money.

Balandra Beach and Mushroom Rock


  1. Hi Simon,
    I will like to see the Whale Shark myself one day! Langkawi has Whale shark when they are on their migratory route but it is not easy to see them. Very nice place you are living there. Please help to look after the place from deforestation and over exploitation.
    Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog site.

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